These images of Benson's Animal Park were submitted by Bret Bronson.
These photos were all taken in the fall of 1987, just weeks prior to the October auction of Bensons Animal Park. They are of the four elephants from the park - Queen, Liz, Jackie and Tanya. This was one of many excursions to what was called the "lumber yard". We took the elephants there to romp, any chance we could get. Enjoy.
Bret Bronson

Benson Welcome Sign. The 'Welcome' sign was displayed near the front entrance. It was designed and painted by 'in-house' artist. Unfortunately, I can't recall which one to give proper credit to.

Four Bensons elephants playing in the dirt.

Elephant blowing dirt.

Liz climbing on the dirt.

Queenie playing with a log.

The photo above is taken from the main parking lot, showing the main entrance/gift shop to the right. The Giraffe exhibit and red barn can be seen in the background.

The two photos above were taken half way down 'Benson Boulevard'. One show the African Lion exhibit (front) and Giraffe exhibit (rear). In the distance you can barely see the steeple of the church on Rt. 111. The second photo is looking down the boulevard. The Gorilla house is shown on the right.