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Mr. Bill
September 7, 2015 18:56:50 (EDT)
Field Trip! What an exciting phrase for 4th graders to hear. From a 3 room schoolhouse in Shirley MA off on an aventure to be remembered forever. A school bus loaded with excitement headed to Hudson NH and Bensons Wild Animal Farm. None of us had much money in our pockets, no need to. Walking... (more)

September 7, 2015 18:16:38 (EDT)
What happened to the elephants?

August 22, 2015 14:51:00 (EDT)
RIP Liz. We loved you.

Dorothy Brousseau
August 20, 2015 22:23:12 (EDT)
Liz died at The Elephant Sanctuary on Tuesday.

Elizabeth Leach
August 1, 2015 19:02:49 (EDT)
I have a clip of an Amish man walking in the corn pasture and it looks like he is carrying a stick in one hand and possible corn in the other hand. It has your name on it and Wilton stamped in along with a copyright C. I had received it from my mother-in-law who has since passed several years... (more)

Tina Alexander
August 1, 2015 14:47:28 (EDT)
A couple weeks ago I met with a man who showed me available areas to "adopt" he was going to send me an email with information. I have not gotten the email as of yet. If anyone knows who I can contact that would be great. I am embarrassed to admit I cannot remember his name.

Kathleen McNamee
July 27, 2015 10:33:04 (EDT)
Hello, I am a graduate student doing a power point about rehabilitated historic sites and buildings, and I was wondering if I could get permission to use some before and after photos of Benson's (cited and credited to the owner, of course) to go along with the power point discussion. Any... (more)

Renee S
July 9, 2015 13:24:15 (EDT)
I was wondering if you are having a clean up day? I am searching for volunteer work. Please let me .

Thank you.

Joy Boyd
June 18, 2015 13:54:35 (EDT)
My daughter saw a shot glass I have from Bensons Animal Farm. My parents took my brother and I when we were kids. So she said lets see if it's still open. She looked it up on the internet. It was great to read about it. I wanted to take my 3 kids to a zoo this summer. Would love to visit. I am 50... (more)

June 16, 2015 21:29:47 (EDT)
Hi. I was at Bensons this past Sunday 6/14/15. I lost my engagement ring and wedding band on the large rocks behind the playground near the hill with the 9/11 memorial. I had taken them off to put sunscreen on my children and then forgot to pick them up before taking a walk around the park. I went... (more)

Jay Knox
June 11, 2015 10:47:48 (EDT)
The sign that shows Arthur's likeness and the one with Mr. Elegant are in fact from My World of Pets that was located at Arthur's Industrial Park in Merrimack. These were from before he owned Benson's.

Kathleen Quinn-Brauer
June 5, 2015 13:16:04 (EDT) for Benson's signs

Kathleen Quinn-Brauer
June 5, 2015 12:42:00 (EDT)
I have about 12 wooden signs from the Animal park that i would like to sell. Mr. Elegant Giraffe...the Welcome sign with Arthurs likeness on it...Gorilla House...ect. I have already put it on Craigslist under collectibles. But if anyone here would interested please email me.


May 23, 2015 04:26:11 (EDT)
i wrote to you a while ago in 2007 re a bronze or brass plaque with inscription j t benson and his pal david creator of strangest farm on earth . i was wondering if you or anyone could tell me more about it

cheers russ

May 5, 2015 15:51:25 (EDT)
You need to contact the Town of Hudson Recreation Dept. at 880-1600 as well as fill out a usage form to have any gathering with 15 people or more.

Ellen Valade
May 4, 2015 17:52:36 (EDT)
I was looking at the map and was wondering a few things. 1, which pond would be good to have a fishing party for kids and 2, who do I contact about hosting a birthday party there?

Mr. Dana M. Sion
April 23, 2015 22:26:15 (EDT)
Hello all, On Saturday May 30th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm The Friends of Benson Park, Inc. will be hosting the 5th anniversary of the new Benson Park. We are looking to see if we have any balloon artist out there who would be interested in donating sometime for part of the event or the entire... (more)

steve spaloss
April 12, 2015 10:22:19 (EDT)
Best boss to this day I have ever had was Jay Knox. Miss this place. So glad it's open again.

Joyce R.
March 9, 2015 18:03:36 (EDT)
Hi, did I scare everyone off? Very sorry. My post was really just a personal message, not intended to intrude on good memories.

Jeffrey Goines
January 10, 2015 12:52:37 (EDT)
Is Benson's still using the Kelly Miller Circus as a fund-raising agent?

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